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Six years so far – and we wish you could see what has happened already. Briasia, Mats, and Jaronique are just a few of the amazing stories of building relationships and partnering together with local under-resourced schools near our Kensington campuses. It’s a story of hope – when students realize they are precious and begin to enjoy who they are and dream of who they can become. It’s a story of faith – when people of all ages take time to invest in kids and model Jesus. It is a story of love – when school teachers and staff are heard, celebrated, and supported – with time, resources, and encouragement. It only works because folks – just like you – step in to give, to serve, and to pray. Will you join us?

  • Briasia's future is brighter because she is finding her voice.

  • Mats - engineer, husband, volunteer, world changer.

  • Jaronique, a principal committed to her school’s community.


Kensington School Partners brings daytime and after-school programs in arts, sports, and academic support to more than 3000 students across metro Detroit each year.  Through relationship with Kensington volunteers and small group leaders, students like Briasia have a safe place to become all God meant them to be. You can make a difference when you give, serve, or pray.


Every year, Kensington volunteers build relationships with students in under-resourced schools just a short drive away from this campus.  Sometimes it’s arts or academics, sports, clubs, and more – but it’s always about relationship. Kids light up when volunteers show up each week. Consider how you might give, serve, or pray.


The partnership and encouragement Kensington volunteers bring to school administrators, teachers and staff is so much more than any program or data. Hallway conversations, homemade meals, or an encouraging word become the doorway to relationship with teachers and staff that serve these great kids.  Be a partner – give, serve, or pray.

Get ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ an original single from Kensington Worship on iTunesGet ‘The Lord’s Prayer,’ an original single from Kensington Worship on iTunes

Join us in making a difference

Our School Partners have needs that exceed the basic pencils, crayons and spiral notebooks. By contributing to the School Impact Fund, you can support the needs of a specific classroom or an entire school. This past year, we together have provided blinds in a classroom so students can see the white board, a washer and dryer so the principal could wash items for her students in need and brought a library back to life. These are a few examples of the impact we have had already, we are excited to see what we can do together this next year.


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