South Sudan South Sudan

Over the past 20 years, Julius Murgor and the Pokot Outreach Ministries (POM) have raised up hundreds of pastors and church leaders to reach the Pokot tribe in Kenya. One of those young men trained by POM is Reuben Meriakol. After attending seminary in Kenya, Reuben helped to start a dozen churches in Kenya and Uganda. Feeling a calling from God on his life, Reuben and his wife Loice moved to South Sudan to begin a ministry to the Toposa tribe. Much like the Pokot, the Taposa live in a harsh region plagued by a 20 year civil war, lack of water, and basic medical services. There are estimated 600,000 Taposa living in South Sudan.

Church Planting

According to Reuben, their mission in South Sudan is to obey the great commission; to make disciples of the Toposa tribe. They desire to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the Taposa and develop fully devoted disciples of Jesus.

Rueben and his church planting team have three goals for their team in South Sudan.

Self-governing: To create a church with its own spiritual leadership. This leadership follows a biblical model and is consumed by what breaks God's heart.

Self-reliant: To promote and facilitate self-reliance. Without self-reliance a church isn't able to support its programs into the future. They aren't able to move on to the next step; self-propagating.

Self-propagating: To plant churches that plant churches. Reuben and his team strategically plant self-reliant, self-propagating churches in previously unreached areas with an eye towards spreading the gospel through a constantly multiplying church network.

Partner Organizations

Pokot Outreach Ministries was founded by Julius Murgor who had a passion to reach the Pokot people. Julius, a Pokot himself, met Steve Andrews while attending seminary in the United States. Julius shared with Steve his vision of reaching every Pokot, and when the time was right a partnership was created. Since 2003, they've been dreaming big and made it their goal that every Pokot would hear the gospel, each of them would have access to clean water, and every Pokot child would receive an education. As a part of the dream, we've recently entered into a relationship with Reuben in South Sudan. In order to provide additional oversight, we've also partnered with Harvesters International Ministries. Harvesters is the US-extension of POM and are focused on empowering Taposa leadership to reach their own indigenous people.