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Since 2003, Kensington has partnered with Pokot Outreach Ministries (POM) to reach the Pokot people of western Kenya. Together, Kensington and POM are committed to a holistic ministry that aids in both physical and spiritual needs. There are estimated to be over one million Pokot, living in some of the harshest conditions on earth, but we consider them to be family.

Church Planting

Our goal is that every Pokot man, woman, and child would hear the gospel. To do that, we are committed to planting new churches as well as developing Pastors and leaders who will continue to spread the message of Jesus to their people. Each year we conduct a Pastors Conference along side POM leadership where over 100 pastors attend. We also aid in school fees for students to attend Seminary, with the dream that they will then start more churches in the Pokot region.

Short-Term Trips

Traveling to the Pokot region is no walk in the park, but that certainly doesn’t stop us! Each year we take several trips to Kenya, each with a different project. We conduct medical clinics, construction projects, eye exams, and Children’s Home updates. Each trip offers an opportunity to foster relationships with new Pokot friends, and is certain to be an experience you will never forget.


One of the largest needs in the Pokot region of Northern Kenya is access to clean water. Pokot women and children spend hours every day carrying dirty water to their homes, while battling the diseases it carries. Along with POM, we are committed to providing access to clean water to every Pokot person because we’ve seen first hand the change it brings to a community. Through the drilling of wells, communities suddenly become filled with hope. Children are able to go to school, mothers can spend more time with their families, and men are able to plan for the future.

Out of this deep commitment, we’ve started a new organization, Hope Water Project. Hope Water Project is focused exclusively on providing access to clean water, which will ultimately reveal hope.

Orphan Care

POM runs three children’s homes in the Pokot region, which house over 700 children. Because of this, we created a program called that allows for families here in America to sponsor a child in Kenya. Sponsors form relationships with their child, and are encouraged to write letters that are brought back and forth from Pokot. Sponsorship through allows for every Pokot child in these homes to be given food, shelter and an education.

Women's Empowerment

Traditionally, Pokot culture doesn’t see women as high value, but we and our partners know that God does. POM is training up women that are committed to reaching other women in the community, and sharing the message of God’s love for them. They also conduct anti-FGM training to aid in the health and safety of young Pokot girls.


POM has started a medical clinic that offers reduced-cost medical care to people that would otherwise not be able to afford treatment. They treat hundreds of people each month for issues like cholera, typhoid and malaria amongst others. Additionally, every month a mobile clinic is conducted in some of the most remote areas of the Pokot region, offering free care to people who otherwise have no access to medical treatment.

Partner Organization

Pokot Outreach Ministries was founded by Julius Murgor who had a passion to reach the Pokot people. Julius, a Pokot himself, met Steve Andrews while attending seminary here in the United States. Julius shared with Steve his vision of reaching every Pokot, and when the time was right, a partnership was created. Since 2003, they have together dreamed and made it their goal that every Pokot would hear the gospel, each of them would have access to clean water, and every Pokot child would receive an education. In order to provide additional oversight, we’ve also partnered with Harvesters International Ministries. Harvesters is the US-extension of POM and are also focused on empowering Pokot leadership to reach their people. We are so grateful for the amazing partners we have in both Harvesters and POM.