Man Up Man Up

Man Up 2016 (Oct. 7-9)

Man Up is for every man, in every walk of life. Last year hundreds of men spent the weekend competing in the Man-Up-A-Thon, worshiping, eating great food, and much more. If you've never joined us for this life-changing weekend make sure to sign up! If you've been a part of Man Up in years past, grab a friend who needs to be there.

This year’s theme is “Fearless.” What does it mean to be a fearless man? Fearless leader? Bold or brave? How does our view of being fearless differ from culture’s view?

All of us have had to deal with fear. Fear can hold us back from pursuing dreams, jobs and relationships. Fear can keep us from hearing what God is speaking to us. This year we are going to look at Joseph and how his life didn’t go the way he wanted. He started out favored, ended up forgotten, only to rise up to be a Fearless leader of many.

Mens Group Registrations

Men, if you liked the retreat and want to continue to grow in your faith alongside other men, jump into one of our mens groups listed below. We look forward to you joining us!

Kensington Men Fall Study
If you're looking for a great way to connect with other guys and learn about biblical manhood and what it means to live it out, come join our mid-size group study. We will be doing the a volume of the "33 series.” This study will challenge us through the way that Jesus lived his 33 years on this earth. Choose your campus below to register.