Latin America Latin America

Despite the hindrances of a Communist government, religious persecution, and a regimented society, the gospel is spreading at an unprecedented pace across one Latin America nation. A history of oppression has left this nation spiritually hungry and ready to respond to the life-changing truth of the gospel.

Church Planting

Kensington seeks to be an active part in assisting the already prolific church-planting movement taking place in Latin America through an indigenous movement called C4C. We have recently locked arms with C4C in supporting their work in training new pastors, open-air evangelism and church planting.

Through a team of national trainers, thousands of people are being taught basic biblical theology and evangelism. Trainers will lead those involved in local churches in door-to-door evangelism and effective follow-up practices. The ultimate goal of the trainers is to partner with local churches to share the gospel with at least 3,000 people each month.

Additionally, new believers who demonstrate leadership potential will be offered special training, developed by C4C, to equip them with the skills and resources necessary in establishing healthy house churches that continue to multiply.

Partner Organizations

In 2007, C4C began to emphasize a 1st Century church-planting model that built on the proliferation of small, Spirit-led house churches. This movement is now widely accepted and is sweeping across the island. Pastors, evangelists, and leaders of 23 denominations are strategically moving from province to province and municipality to municipality starting house churches. C4C is committed to reaching the entire nation and all its people for Christ.