Haiti Haiti

Kensington is partnering with Mission of Hope (MOH) through their Church Advancement Program. We’re partnering to serve the Church in Haiti through a village partnership with the goal of seeing the Church in Haiti strengthened, villages changed, the Gospel proclaimed and lives transformed.

Pastors Training

Equipping local pastors to reach their own people is a priority for Kensingon and for MOH. As the Kensington village partnership evolves in Source-Matelas, we will be in a unique position to assist the local church pastors. This may include formal training, business training, church repairs and community support through the local church.

Short-Term Trips

We are always looking for servant hearts to walk alongside the Haitian community in Source-Matelas on week-long trips. As our relationship with the people of Source-Matelas grows, we’re always finding new ways to partner with the local community. Short-term trip members will work side-by-side with the Haitians doing work projects, evangelism outreach and children’s ministry. There are always needs for medically licensed professionals to provide medical relief through mobile clinics. kensingtonchurch.org/go

Village Partnership

Kensington is partnering with the village of Source-Matelas in Haiti. Our role as partners is to support and encourage the community of Source-Matelas as the Haitians learn to work through the local church to change their own villages. This partnership will allow Kensington to build lasting relationships with the people of Source-Matelas as we assist them with community projects, train new pastors, and offer spiritual & financial support.

Partner Organizations

As an organization following Jesus Christ, MOH exists to transforms the lives of every man, woman, and child in Haiti. Mission of Hope was founded in 1998, and continues to serve Haiti daily by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the Haitian population.

Their passion is to bring hope to the hopeless through Jesus Christ love and to empower future generations through education.

Mission of Hope’s primary efforts are focused on:

  • Church Advancement
  • Educational Development
  • Orphan care
  • Health Care
  • Nutrition
  • HaitiOne Network