Israel/Palestine Israel/Palestine

The Holy Land is all too often associated with conflict instead of Christianity but the local church is still alive and well. Small in numbers the local church in the Holy Land is most in need of prayers and encouragement. Our partnership has focused on building relationships with Bethlehem Bible College and other Palestinian and Messianic leaders to empower them to continue to build the church in the place where it all started.

Church Planting

The local church continues to expand and reach out in the Holy Land. Working with local church leaders, Kensington is helping to support the future leaders of the church in the Holy Land by helping them with training, encouraging their ideas and supporting their efforts both financially and in person.

Short-Term Trips

We take many short-term trips to the Holy Land including traditional pilgrimage tours that involve meeting local pastors to Men’s and Women’s trips that focus on encouraging the local churches. We also take teams to run children’s camps in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Bethlehem.

Business Training and Development

Last year we sent teams to Bethlehem to work alongside the Bible College, helping with training and development of local business in the West Bank. Through this training the college and local church leaders are able to help bless the community and the region with leadership based on the teaching of Jesus. We will continue to send Business Teams to work with businesses in the region.

Pastors Training

Bethlehem Bible College has become our main partner in the Holy Land because of its focus on the future of the church. The college is continuing to improve their efforts to support and build into the church. The college not only trains future church leaders but many others from the community as well, giving them a great voice and influence in the region.


In Arabic Musalaha means reconciliation. For the past 4 years we have fostered a great relationship and respect for Musalaha an organization in the Holy Land working towards reconciliation. Every year we support at least one camp that focuses on reconciliation efforts among the young Israeli Jews and Arabs to create a better future in the region based on the peace that comes through Jesus.

Partner Organizations

As the only Bible College recognized by an Arab government in the Middle East, Bethlehem Bible College is strategically placed to be a leader in the training and development of future leaders all over the region.

Musalaha has a vision to see reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians; first among believers and then to those of interfaith communities through camps and events focused on building authentic relationships.

Through the vision of our partners in Israel, We are helping to build into the future of the messianic and Jewish congregations in Israel. Our partners have developed a curriculum that focuses on training young Messianic believers on how to be an influence and blessing in their community for the glory of God.