Big Three Big Three

Our Big Three

Church Planting

We think Jesus' message is so amazing that there's no one right way to tell it, that's why we're dedicated to planting, equipping and encouraging new churches all over the country. Each plant has a totally different way of doing things - and we think that means they're doing it right. Some church plants meet in homes, some meet in comedy clubs, and some have already grown into their own facilities. They've each got their own vision and personality, but every one shares the same passion for spreading God's love and planting more and more new churches. For more information on church planting, or if you want to get involved, email


Every week thousands of people across Michigan and Florida experience Kensington in their own communities through campusing. Think of campusing as putting the music, message, and mission of Kensington into a box and unpacking it at any of our seven locations. The campusing model isn't about creating carbon copies of the perfect church, it's about spreading the message of Jesus Christ with the all the resources and excellence he's blessed us with. Each campus has it's own lead pastor, local outreaches, and unique community vibe so feel free to check ‘em all out. For info and directions to our eight existing campuses click here. For information on new campuses, email

Global Partners

Our global partners take Jesus Christ to the world. It might sound backwards, but our strategy with our global partners is to get left in the dust, to see the local churches in the Middle East, Kenya, and India grow legs and set off running. Beyond sending support and short-term missions teams to these areas Kensington is dedicated equipping local leaders to engage their community and activate the indigenous body of believers. Together, Kensington and our partners have erected hospitals in crowded India, brought clean water wells to the plains of Africa, and brought Christ to thousands. Learn more about our Global Partners.